At national level, the tax regime is considered to be complex and labyrinthine. The need for planning and prevention of tax implications is an obvious necessity for any Greek company. The proper tax planning can provide significant benefits in the cash flows of the company and consequently, its shareholders.

 Our customers can rely on comprehensive consulting services on issues such as:
•    Tax planning for investments in fixed assets
•    Tax treatment of contracts with banks and capital markets.
•    Tax planning for dividends, interest and rights.
•    Issues of charging among connected companies.
•    Taxation of transfer and possession of property.
•    Taxation of inheritances and donation.
•    Taxation of foreign executives of multinational companies.
•    Tax planning and incentives provided by the law on takeovers and mergers.
•    Full use of tax provisions that are provided by developmental laws.
•    Carrying out of screening tax audit.
•    Control of financial statements and relevant documentation, and consulting for proper compliance.
•    Filling or checking tax reports.
•    Provision of consulting services in case of controls by tax authorites.

 In the mind of many entrepreneurs there is a confusion about the existence, the use and the operation of a foreign company, a fact that influences in a negative way in the decision of the entrepreneur to establish a company in Cyprus or in another international destination.
Capital Markets Experts SA, both in Greece and Cyprus, through its branch is able to support business, taxation and legal issues of the companies who wish to be active in foreign markets. Our goal is to analyze your business activity and to suggest viable solutions.
The main pillars on which we plan the best solution, is the sector (trade, real estate, services, internet), the markets, the business risk, the customer service and the expansion of your business, and ultimately the increase of your property.

Especially for Companies in Cyprus, the most important points for the fiscal and legal framework are:
•    From the moment that Cyprus entered in the EU, Cypriot companies are no longer considered Offshore companies.
•    Corporate income is taxed with lower rates (10%).
•    The anonymity of the shareholders is legally covered by the country’s law.
•    The companies fall within the VIES (VAT Information Exchange System) system, as well as all other companies in European Union countries.
•    The invoices that are issued by Cypriot Companies are formally recognized in all the EU countries, including Greece.
In this context, we will determine together the business plan and will proceed to the relevant design, using different models, by establishing companies in different countries and assigning jurisdictions, either in the form of a commercial or a holding company.
The process of setting up, takes no more than 7 working days. With the completion of the process we give you all the documentation that you need for representation of your new company, both in Greece and abroad.

Our consulting services can also cover issues such as the Articles of Association of the company, the share capital, the composition of the Board of Directors, the use of Trustees for the preservation of anonymity, the transfer of funds from and to the country of destination and of course the design of the Corporate Profile .

Our services are always provided within the frame of legitimacy, with responsibility and respect towards to commercial law, as well as the Greek and foreign tax laws.




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