banner KERVERUSKerverus Holding P.L.C. is a business continuity of Kerverus Ltd., which established in 2008 in London, targeting the free distribution of parents control software, under the name Kerverus. With this new form, company’s vision is to participate in and establish high technology companies, and achieve growth in sectors that have already been analyzed by its executives with the same pioneer and success.
The listing of the company in E.C.M of Cyprus Stock Exchange on 29 June of 2012, with Nominated Advisor our firm, was the first listing in Europe that used the method of Reverse Takeover.
Even if it started as a startup company, today it has: a capitalization of more than 5,5€ million; a branch in the States; a recent share capital increase of 2,2€ million; a certification “made for –I” from Apple that has never be given to any Greek or Cyprian software company; been started negotiations with the greatest group of companies on soft drinks globally, in order to apply its technology at every sales spot of Latin America.  
Our Company stays until today the official Nominated Advisor in Cyprus Stock Exchange.





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