miipharosThe business attempt of MiiPharos, anchored the same title application, which is the only Greek application-device certified as M.F.I. (Made for iPhone). Countries such as: USA, Canada, Peru, Greece, Germany, Holland and many more customers are asking from MiiPharos a legitimate iBeacon solution. MiiPharos is a real turn key solution, completely independent, and serving the market with an all-inclusive, App, cloud services, content management system (CMS) and great analytics. MiiPharos makes the consumer behavior, proximity and location based marketing a reality, so easy and hassle free as «unpack and play».
Gender, time, language, marital status, age range, interests, and more than 3,000 personalized methods can be delivered from a single MiiPharos iBeacon device to multimedia content, track loyalty, reward customers with points, deliver personalized coupons, analyze consumer behavior or just give a special offer on your customer’s birthday or special occasions automatically. The whole business attempt is integrated to the Group of Kerverus Holding IT PLC. and our Company prepared the International Business Plan of the whole business sense.   





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