Our company specializes in the study and promotion of corporate proposals for mergers, acquisitions, locating strategic investors, finding distressed funds, in order to enable the improvement of your company in the business area. Together we will scrutinize the problems and the opportunities, the strengths and weak points of your company, and design the steps needed for approaching available funds.
Currently our company is able to offer you the following investment opportunities:
 a) Group of companies in the medicine sector.
 b) Startup company, utilizing sophisticated technology in navigation solutions.
 c) License for a power plant facility utilizing heavy fuel / gas, abroad (EU country)
 If you think that you might be interested in any of these, please contact us on 2311.99.99.48.

Do you know that...

  • Serbia is at the very bottom of the European export list. Export from Serbia equals approximately USD 1,450 per resident, compared to USD 10,000 in Czech Republic, for instance. Export from Czech Republic has increased twenty times since 1990, while Serbia‟s export has not even doubled. Serbia‟s foreign trade in the first nine months of 2011 reached EUR 16.72 billion, with EUR 4.17 billion deficit.

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