Investments are an essential reference point for enhancing competitiveness and enterprise development, while the investing environment is now very volatile, since a variety of tools are now available for the financing of the companies in all sectors on the one hand, while on the other hand the global,

European and especially the Greek crisis has made investors extremely cautious when it comes to making new investment decisions. Having long experience and well specialized experts, we effectively support the companies in every sector by using these tools, providing a complete range of services.

Specifically, under the financial and investment programs we provide complete services, including:
•    Research - Determination of an appropriate Program
•    Development Studies
•    Preparation of application Documentation.
•    Legal support
•    Management of Investment Projects.
The provided services combined with long experience covers a wide range of national and European resources, such as:
•    Investment Law 3299 / 2004.
•    National Strategic Reference Framework [ESPA].
•    Operational Program of Competitiveness.
•    European Community Initiatives: INTERREG, LEADER, EQUAL, URBAN, etc.
•    Feasibility studies of loans.

ELABORATION OF STUDIES: A feasibility study is the modern tool that the potential investor has at his disposal. Based on this study, the investor obtains an objective view of the advantages and disadvantages, the strengths and weaknesses of his business idea or his company. He is able to acquire a clear vision of the market, define the strategy and tactics that he must follow, in order to achieve a successful investment effort.
 Our Company undertakes the elaboration of any study based on the needs of each business or professional. Examples include business plans, financial studies, viability studies, measuring and improving efficiency, etc.
 Feasibility studies and market opportunities are some issues that can be included in a viability study.

EUROPEAN PROJECTS: The extensive experience of our experts on European Programs, either as consultants or as members of evaluation committees, give us the opportunity to work with you and provide you all the required information regarding European Programs.
 Specifically we can undertake:
•    The Elaboration of the Initial Study.
•    The Elaboration of the relevant Application documentation.
•    The partners searching.
•    The elaboration of the relevant abstract & profile.
•    The setup of the Agreement of Management of the Consortium.
•    The Project Management.
o    The Financial Project Management.
o    The Legal Project Management.
o    Filling and submitting the required reports of the progress of the project to the EU.
•    The overall representation.
•    The Consulting Management.

BUSINESS PLANNING: Business planning means that the entrepreneur decides what to do, how and when to do it, and carefully organize a number of actions, in order to implement those decisions.
 The Business Planning Services are targeted to businesses and investors who are interested in:
•    The opening of a new enterprise (organization, product or service).
•    The extension of an existing business, product or service.
•    The purchase of an existing business, product or service.
•    To optimize the management of an existing company, product, service, etc.
The main benefit of a Business Plan is the creation of a strategy and methodology for achieving the final goal, as well as the labeling of certain functionalities.
 Our company was created capitalizing the specialized, long experience of its experts in the markets of Greece and the Balkans, in order to provide high quality services to customers- partners. It consists of experts who are distinguished for their experience, skills, training and scientific approach in the entire range of these services.

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  • The International Monetary Fund (IMF) forecasts that Serbia will have modest economic growth in 2012 totaling 1.5 percent, as three of the country's main trade partners - Germany, Italy and Bosnia-Herzegovina, will face recession and economic stagnation next year.

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