Locating the right property, either for investment purposes or for commercial usage, is a key success factor for any investment plan. Furthermore, even more important is the potential of finding suitable investors for developing investment properties.
 Our Company is able to:
•    to complete the investigation of the appropriate property, providing a wide range of services including searching, locating, and evaluating of real estates in cooperation with all major real estate agencies in Eastern Europe, ensuring the immediate satisfaction of your needs, or even
•    to undertake the procedures for finding the suitable investors for the property that you are promoting, by presenting it not just as a real estate proposal, but also as a real estate investment opportunity.
 With the experience, the expertise, the professionalism, the directness and the integrity that we possess, we understand and respect the deepest desires of our customers, in order to create success stories in the real estate sector.

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  • Bulgaria's Kozloduy nuclear power plant, which has been operating since 1974, has raised safety concerns, and the country agreed to shut four of its reactors as a condition of joining the European Union.

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