Continuous Valuation

The listing of a stock value in a Stock Market, gives the opportunity to the company itself, the operation of a mechanism for evaluating its value, which indeed is made by global financial information networks, visible to the global investment community. Not a few entrepreneurs who are acting prudently, choose to list their shares in a Stock Market, in order to be able to start any negotiation from a particular market capitalization level, if they receive a merger proposal or decide to follow the route of raise capital from institutional investors. This view is further strengthened by the fact that the import price and therefore the initial trading of a company in a Stock Exchange, essentially approved by a Board of Directors, which is considered independent and therefore by the law. Furthermore, most fund managers, either at the behest of their investment committees, either at the behest of large customers, undertake the investigation for the strategic positioning or even for the acquisition of a company in a particular sector, in a wider geographical region, the starting point of their research are Stock Exchange dashboards of the selected area and not the Yellow Pages.

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  • The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development adopted a three-year strategy for Bulgaria, which will focus on restructuring the power sector, strengthening the infrastructure and developing the country's financial markets.

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