Tax Reasons

The listing of a company’s shares in a Stock Market, even for a very small company, usually followed for tax reasons. More specific, a listed company can be able to:  
(a)    to transfer the shares from one generation to another at a lower cost than projected in the contractual framework, (b)    can be used as a multi-tool international tax planning and
(c)    reduce the cost of transfer of existing shares to new investors.
The logic of the listing of a company’s shares in a Stock Market for tax reasons, was this which led the last five years’ numerous American companies to get listed in Alternative Exchange Markets of Europe.
Europeans now seem to be moving, more slowly, but with the same enthusiasm and at EU level now it has launched stricter surveillance of mobile capital, with the implementation of property register and the automatic exchange of information of the costs incurred by citizens in the whole range of the Union.

Do you know that...

  • The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development adopted a three-year strategy for Bulgaria, which will focus on restructuring the power sector, strengthening the infrastructure and developing the country's financial markets.

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