Our Company possesses all the required experience both in local and international level, in order to design and present any primary or secondary market research, using any method (or combination of methods) that serves carrying out the specific issue, with wide geographical coverage inside and outside Greece.

Typical examples are the studies for determining of the appropriate markets for penetration, review of alternative ways and approaches of penetration in these markets, selection and coordination of appropriate distribution channels and physical distribution of products and services, segmentation of the whole market into specific targeted submarkets, etc.

Furthermore, on an annual basis, starting in 2012, our Company will begin producing and distributing, to anyone who may be interested, studies, analyses and reports on macroeconomic and sectoral issues, either for Greece or for Balkan countries. These reports will include forecasts, policy evaluation and proposals for dealing with specific problems.
In the area of sectoral studies, the emphasis is on market assessment, the analysis of demand and supply conditions, the presentation of key companies of the sector and the competition, the determinants of pricing, the institutional framework, the relevant international environmental and of course, the assessment of the prospects.
 Last but not least, our Company undertakes studies on Regional Development, giving emphasis on surveying the current situation, in exploring the development potential of regions and defining the framework for accessing integrated development programs.

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  • The World Bank said it expects the economies of Southeast European (SEE) countries to grow at a sluggish pace in 2011 and 2012. The World Bank said that the effects of a further global slowdown and the prolonged uncertainties around the Eurozone crisis will influence SEE economies through trade, foreign direct investment, foreign banks, and remittances.

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