The Warsaw Stock Exchange (WSE), is the largest stock exchange in Eastern Europe with 472 listed companies (Dec 2014), capitalization of 291 billion €, which gathers an average daily turnover value of around € 200 million.


In its organized markets 51 foreign companies are listed (3 Austrian, 2 Bulgarian, 1 Canadian, 3 Cyprians, 2 Estonians, 1 French, 4 German, 2 British, 2 Hungarian, 1 Italian, 4 Lithuanian, 9 Luxembourgian, 8 Dutch, 2 Slovak, 2 Slovenian and 1 Swedish) which although they represent 18.2% of listed titles, account for 50,5% of the total capitalization (146 billion €).


Local institutional investors account for 38% of daily turnover, Polish individual investors 15% and foreign institutional investors 47%.
As part of the Warsaw Stock Exchange, the New Connect ( is one of the markets, equivalent to the Greek EN.A market, where 429 companies are listed (Feb 2015), of which 10 are foreign. The daily turnover value ranges between approximately € 1 million to 4 million € and the total capitalization reaches the 2.18 billion €.
In the framework of the New Connect, private investors are mainly active, who account for 69% of the total daily turnover. The local institutional investors account for 24% and foreign investors 7% respectively.
Warsaw Stock Exchange organizes, on a monthly basis an "IPO Day", in which Polish companies that are interested to list their shares, are presented to the investment community. In this way, even before the bureaucratic process of preparing their listing takes place, an initial feedback regarding the intrinsic value of such a step can be acquired, from the local investment community.
A relevant strategy is also being organized by our company, under the title “Mediterranean Day”, twice per year, in cooperation with the Management of the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

Reasons for a non-listed company to get listed in WSE:

•    Ability to carry out a private placement ranging from 1 to 2.5 million €, given that the company’s “scenario” is evaluated as sufficient by the local investment community.
•    Acquaintance of the investment with companies from abroad
•    Professional attitude
•    Healthy macroeconomic data of the country
•    Attracting foreign institutional investors
•    Ability, in the near future of interconnection of trading platform of the Warsaw Stock Exchange with the ASE OASIS, through the network of HELEX X-NET and vice versa,
•    Ability, for Greek shareholders, to keep their shares in the Investor’s Securities Account in the Greek depository
•    Strong penetration in the Eastern European market.

Additional reasons for a listed company:

•    WSE is a E.U. Stock market.
•    Validity of the European Passport between the local and the Greek Capital Market Commissions.
•    Submission and examination of the listing application for the Initial Public Offering (IPO) of the company’s shares in Greek Capital Market Commission.
•    Increased profile as a dual listed company (ATHEX and WSE).

What EMEX Group can do for you?

Our Group of companies offers a complete service package, in order to investigate, initially, the appropriateness of your company for the listing in one of the markets of WSE (Main, Parallel, Alternative-NewConnect) and then to provide the necessary support for a successful course as a listed company.

Our proposal for specific services, separated as follows:

•    Consulting services on the financial statements of your Company, aiming to successfully transform the last two years’ financial statements, in collaboration with your Chartered Auditors, according to the International Accounting Standards. These services have an ancillary character and does not involve the transformation of the financial statements themselves.
•    Elaboration of an Initial Assessment Report of your Company.
•    Preparing a specialized dossier of both historical data and the prospects of your Company, in order for them to be presented in the best possible way to the local investment community.
•    Organizing the presentation of your Company to selected institutional investors locally.
•    Consulting services on the internal administration and organizational structure of your company.
•    Planning and implementation of internal seminars both to executives and employees of your company regarding differentiations that will arise during the company’s progress towards being introduced in international stock markets.
•    Consulting services concerning the amount and conditions of the public offering or the private placement.
•    Operating as a link with the local Nominated Advisor for preparing all necessary documentation that needs to be submitted for the listing application.
•    Organising the corporate presentations that are required.

After listing your company in the WSE, optionally and with no time commitment from our side, we could:

•    provide financial and tax consulting services
•    undertake the supervision of the Investor Relations Department of your Company
•    undertake the management of relations between your company and the Venture Capitals, and the institutional investors in general, given that they participate in the share scheme of your company and finally
•    investigate the potential for the participation of strategic partners in your shareholders structure.


Do you know that...

  • In Serbia there are attractive companies for sale. They are in the list of Privatization Agency but also at the Belgrade Stock Exchange. The list is long, unfortunately much longer than number of potential investors. The crisis has left its mark. Until so far Serbia has cashed EUR 2.3 billions from sale of 1,643 enterprises. It is not known how much more it could get from further sales, but among 650 companies in the list of Privatization Agency there are still attractive firms.

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