Our philosophy is based on “one-stop-shop” for companies wishing to list its share in a Stock Exchange Market. Our services include:
  a. planning and scheduling of the whole project of listing,
  b. proper and based on international standards structuring of the Business Plan
  c. consulting during the preparation of the Financial Statements based on International Accounting Standards and during the control of Certified Auditors,
  d. the whole monitoring of the Valuation Report, from an independent partner company,
  e. the conducting of Legal Control,
  f.  the preparation of the Admission Document or the Prospectus (depends on the preferred focus market of listing),
  g. marketing of the capital raise, which involves editing and contacting of relevant teaser letters to funds all over the world,
  h. the submission of relevant documents and the management of all correspondence with the competent Stock Exchange Authorities,
  i.  the after-listing general support as Nominated Advisors but even on investor relations procedural issues.
And all these are being offered in an integrated package of services with extremely competitive pricing, for both markets where we have already direct presence (Greece, Cyprus, Romania) or indirect presence (Bulgaria, Poland) and any other Stock Market across the world.


The Bulgarian Stock Exchange has been revived in the early 1990’s after the relevant political changes. Initially, a series of small stock exchanges were founded in Sofia and the province. During the period from 1995 to 1997 the intergraded Bulgarian Stock Exchange was created through mergers (Bg.SE - the Bulgarian Stock Exchange).


Do you know that...

  • In Serbia there are attractive companies for sale. They are in the list of Privatization Agency but also at the Belgrade Stock Exchange. The list is long, unfortunately much longer than number of potential investors. The crisis has left its mark. Until so far Serbia has cashed EUR 2.3 billions from sale of 1,643 enterprises. It is not known how much more it could get from further sales, but among 650 companies in the list of Privatization Agency there are still attractive firms.

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