Internal Audit and Control is a process that is either provided by the law (in the case of brokerage firms A.E.E.D.) or by the real needs of a corporate scheme.
 In the case of brokerage firms (A.E.E.D.), in many cases the size, or even the shortage of qualified auditors, in respect to the necessary experience in the specific legislation and regulation leads most of the companies to turn to the outsourcing. Outsourcing, is also a choice for several listed companies, either because of their size or because of the need to reduce their administrative costs.
Our Company, is probably the SINGLE Consulting company in Greece, which is able to offer, both to Brokerage Firms (A.E.E.D.) and Listed Companies:
•    covering the position of Internal Auditor.
•    ensuring the full implementation of the relevant legislative framework.
•    designing of all necessary audit and control functions.
•    evaluating and implementing solutions to issues regarding internal audit, and
 We will be extremely happy if you contact us, in order to examine the needs of your company in the issue of the Internal Audit, with adequate detail.
 And of course, to provide you with the assurance that stems from our long experience in the field of international Capital Markets.

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