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Our International Partnerships comprehend the followings:

-    Poland: Our Company has developed a local associate’s network, which include local investment banks, funds, stock-exchange companies and listing advisors in the Alternative Market of Stock Exchange of Warsaw (NewConnect). Our target is to be able to present direct any company’s nomination for listing, from Greece or wider area, in order these companies to find capital and be listed in local stock exchange and be visible from a wide network of investors.
-    Balkans and East Europe: Our Company works in every country of east Europe with local partners or specialized Companies, in order to:
o    Find suitable markets and conducive strategy for promoting our customer’s products, who are interested to extend their export markets.
o    Discover and estimate the real value of investment opportunities in these countries in behalf of our customers.   
o    Achieve the takeover of Companies with the best practice, considering their tax and legal extensions.  
o    Undertake locally the establishment of new companies.
o    Support the function of Greek investments in local market, with specialized marketing programs, sustainability reports or even restructuring programs of local organizational structure.
o    Achieve the necessary due diligence, not only from the legal and accounting scope, but also from the sustainability of the business model.
-    Middle East & Persian Gulf: Our Company works with local partners at legal, financial and institutional level, in most of Middle East countries that present investment interest (Emirates, Bahrein, Jordan, Egypt, Iran). Establishment of new companies, opening bank accounts, market research for product promotion, finding suppliers, are some of the areas that we are specialized on, in order to be able to support every Greek or foreign businessman. Moreover, the longtime business experience that our basic executives have on the specific territory, guarantee direct understanding of real business culture of local enterprises, in order not to waste valuable time and money at wrong approaches.

Our Company has signed strategic covenants with the following international companies:
AVAL IN AD  ( : It is one of the oldest (1994) stock exchange company in Bulgaria, which is being numbered among the 5 first (banks included) in business deals, having completed more than 200 the last years.   
President of the Company is Ms. Bistra Ilkova, ex-president of the stock exchange of Sofia. With this specific partnership, we are in the position to offer to our customers:    
-safe access to the market of stocks in the stock exchange of Sofia,
-listing of Greek affiliate companies in stock exchange, with main target to achieve logical valuation by using IAS, based on stock exchange terms and record accretions at mother balance sheets.
-the intensive research of local market for the takeover of local enterprises,
-the due diligence of them,
-the research of their true history and at the end,
-the securitization of success for every investment move.     

L. GNAFTIS & Co. Ltd. ( : Authorized Public Accountants (Cyprus) : It is one of the most accurate and recognized chartered accountants companies in Cyprus, with international presence and customers. Our partnership is based on due diligence transactions for enterprises in East Europe, preparation of listing procedure in the Stock Exchange of Cyprus and common promotion of investment plans to potential investors from East Europe and Cyprus.

ECC Corporate Consultans G.m.b.h. ( : International Consultants Company (Germany) :  ECC Corporate Consultans Gmbh is an international consultants company with presence in Germany and Greece. They are specialized on strategy consulting and evaluation of investment plans with specific emphasis on renewable energy sources plans.
The particular partnership is based on common promotion of investment plans to potential investors from Germany, preparation of companies for listing in the Stock Exchange of Athens, finding funding for energy plans in Greece and generally in the area of Balkans.

ΕΜΕΧ Ltd. ( : Financial Consultants Company and Strategy Consultants based in Limassol of Cyprus, specialized on valuation of companies for applying reverse takeover and developing a Bulletin in order to file it to any stock exchange.    

TT Consulting, s.r.o. (  : Slovak company, totally specialized on commodities and carbon market issues. It is one of the basic shareholders of the Commodities Exchange of Bratislava. Through this partnership, we provide to our customers access to the negotiations of Pollutant Rights in Central and West Europe and we provide the possibility of conclusion forward contracts for commodities on physical delivery.          

M. Flett Financial Consultants Limited – Bahrain & Cyprus : International Consultants Company based in the area of East Mediterranean and Arabian peninsula. Their long experience and connections allows their customers to trade with security in this particular territory.


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  • The International Monetary Fund (IMF) forecasts that Serbia will have modest economic growth in 2012 totaling 1.5 percent, as three of the country's main trade partners - Germany, Italy and Bosnia-Herzegovina, will face recession and economic stagnation next year.

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