The Financial Services Department is in essence the "nervous system" of the company. It is intended to provide information to the management, to demonstrate the weaknesses and the strengths of a company, and are not "a necessary evil with the sole purpose find ways with taxes".

If you embrace these principles, then our company can prove to be one of your most important external partners.
Our experts have specialized knowledge and many years of experience in matters of accounting, tax, labor, organization of financial services and generally in the entire range of the economic activity of a company. Our professional education and updating is continuous, as well as the incorporation of modern technologies on issues of operation and organization.
 Specifically, in this area, we can undertake:
•    The organization of the Financial Services Department of your Company.
•    The organization, update and monitor of accounting procedures.
•    The computerization of your bookkeeping. .
•    The drafting of the balance sheets.
•    The support in implementation on issues of information technology as part of Financial Services.
•    The provision of consulting services on payroll.
•    The support on Commercial, Organization, Human Resources, Logistics, Operations, responsibilities, organizational structure, targeting sales (documented targeting products, vendors, management and monitoring of sales by the Financial Services)
•    The planning and organization of periodical publishing of useful financial and commercial reports (MIS-Management Information System).
•    The organization system for issuing and monitoring of budget controls.
•    The organization and monitoring of Cash Flows of the company.
•    The definition of the costs and the benefits in terms of expansion in new products or in new geographic areas or to new customers (financial costs, storage, trade, distribution, promotion, credit, damping initial stock, correlation with percentages of all gross profits ).
•    The support during the communication and negotiation with banks.
•    The assessment and the improvement of the capabilities of the accounting - business IT system of your company.
•    The design of the optimal policy of payments and receipts.
•    The study of cost rationalization.
 And all at a remarkable competitive cost.

Do you know that...

  • Serbia’s external debt reached EUR 23.9 billion in September 2011. It increased EUR 900 million since the beginning of the year.

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