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All the Principles of Capital Markets Experts SA, has been developed through extensive experience of its executives and ensure the complete satisfaction of customers by achieving the planned results.
Both our executives, as well the entire workforce and Strategic Partners, adopt and apply to the full the following nine Corporate Principles:
a) The interests of our customers will always be evaluated higher than even the interest of our Company.
b) Our mission is to promote the true value of our services and the fundamental importance for the customer to forge a trusting relationship with the Adviser, a permanent relationship which will be the thread to safety in the labyrinth of modern business of international and local competition.
c) The features that compose the discrete character of the services that we offer and have led to our recognition in the market, is the way that we approach the meaning of each company, the ability of thorough and in depth judgment of all issues of concern, the vivid professionalism and methodology of many years of experience and the quality of the experience of our partners.
d) In every occasion we will provide the guarantees, handling every business need, flexibly, quickly and reliably, offering safely a solution that fits any possible case.
e) Both the partners and the workforce of our Company will be selected with special high standards, so that they will always be distinguished for their abilities and their integrity.
f) With each of our client absolute discretion regarding the data and the plans will be kept and the handling of information will be made with absolute confidentiality.
g) We select our strategic partners, based on accepted values similar to ours and in this process the dominant criterion is their business integrity.
h) We attach fundamental importance to reconcile working to achieve our purpose, with the idea of a broader functional mission, elements which constitute our diversity.
i) We will always invest in using our knowledge to develop innovations and constant creation of comparative advantages, through the continuous evaluation of the business environment and early understanding of changes in market trends.

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