On the top of the list of foreign investors in Serbia, are the Greek companies, as more than 250 Greek companies are active in our neighbouring country, with total invested capital exceeding 2 billion euros, while the interest of Greek companies for investments in Serbia is constantly increasing.
Greek banks hold 16% of the Serbian market and in deposit levels, their penetration approaches 25%.
The Serbian economy is also one of the most consistently growing economies in the Balkans. The per capita income now amounts to 13.400 dollars, however the underground economy is also booming and therefore the GDP in terms of purchasing power is significantly higher from the Nominal ($ 95,84 billion against $ 43,87 billion), while the country exhibits one of the lowest population rate living below the poverty threshold.
Inflation (2,10%), as well as the unemployment (19,70%), remains one of the major problems.



G.D.P. in purchasing power terms (billion $)


G.D.P. in nominal values (billion $)


G.D.P. growth in 2014


Per capita G.D.P. in purchasing power terms


Investments in fixed assets as % of the G.D.P.


Inflation rate


Total borrowing of the economic units (bil. $)


Exports (bil. $)


Imports (bil. $)


Total Foreign Direct Investments (bil. $)


Work Force (mil.)


Unemployment rate


% of people under the poverty threshold


Energy production (bil.)

34,4 kWh

Energy consumption (bil.)

26,91 kWh

State budget incomes (bil. $)


State budget expenditures (bil. $)


State budget deficit as a % of the G.D.P.


Tax incomes as a % of the GDP


Public Debt as a % of the GDP


Foreign Dept (bil $)


Lending interest rate of commercial banks


Corporate tax rate


Highest income tax rate


Highest VAT rate


Market value of publicly traded shares (bil.$)


Insurance Contributions for employee


Insurance Contributions for employer



Greek investors usually, choose to invest in Serbia, due to the proximity of the market, the mentality and the feelings of friendliness and appreciation in the country, as well as the confidence and attractiveness of Greek products for the Serbian consumers.
Moreover, the country's strategic location, the specialised workforce and a generous package of incentives for foreign investment make it an attractive destination, while as a rapidly growing market, Serbia today is a great opportunity.
Usually Greek entrepreneurs invest in the sectors of energy and especially on the renewable sources, infrastructure, construction and tourism.

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  • Serbia may face with a financial collapse unless it conducts painful reforms, claims Serbian economic expert Nikola Pavicic. Pavicic says the reforms should focus on strengthening the economy and increasing export.

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