Our Company is able to provide integrated Marketing services, directed to companies of all sizes and across the whole range of business activity.
 In the framework of our services, we can:

•    Act as an external Marketing Department on the behalf of our customers,
•    Elaborate targeted marketing plans,
•    carry out the planning and the implementation of marketing actions,
•    conduct market research and make evaluations,
•    design and develop the corporate culture
•    design promotional programs
•    undertake sectoral studies
 The purpose of our services is to improve the level of entrepreneurship by providing high quality marketing services to local businesses, filling the gap at the utilized business practices, between big and medium-small companies and enabling the SMEs to use marketing as a development tool for their business.

Do you know that...

  • Serbia may face with a financial collapse unless it conducts painful reforms, claims Serbian economic expert Nikola Pavicic. Pavicic says the reforms should focus on strengthening the economy and increasing export.

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