Capital Markets Experts SA, is the only consulting company both in Greece and in whole Europe, which is certified by four different exchanges in the European Union.
More specific, our Company works as an Authorized Advisor for the listing of companies in:
• the Alternative Market and the ENA-STEP of Athens Stock Exchange (ATHEX),
• the New Market for developing companies of Cyprus Stock Exchange,
• the AERO, Market of New and Middle-size developing Companies of Bucharest Stock Exchange and
• lastly we have got the licensing to work as a Member (Free Carbon Member) of the Bratislava Commodities Exchange with specialization on trade Emission Rights.
At the same time, through a network of affiliated companies, Capital Markets Experts can undertake the listing of any company, Greek or foreign, in the Stock Exchanges of Warsaw and Sofia.  
The founding members of the Company, include Economists from Greece and abroad, with years of experience in both Greek and International Markets, while our workforce is composed of executives with high expertise and long experience in management positions of Greek and international companies.
Based in Thessaloniki, we have a well-organized Branch in Athens and representation offices in Cyprus, United Arab Emirates, Bulgaria, Bahrein, we are able to provide consulting services and international tax support regarding world-wide investments, having leading expertise both in the Balkans, Black Sea and Middle East.
In parallel, we are able to design tailor made solutions, aimed to improve the quality and productivity of organizations, within a climate of common approach, with the sole purpose being the full satisfaction of the needs and expectations of our clients.
The combination of long experience of our experts, the use of laws and solutions from Greek and Anglo-Saxon institutional framework assures our ability, to suggest the necessary solutions of economical and tax mechanics that contemporary business environment needs.
Our contacts within Eastern Europe, Black Sea and Middle East and the profound and well documented knowledge of the operation of the respective economies, makes us valuable partners for every Greek or International investor in these specific regions.
Capital Markets Experts S.A., is not just a consulting company, but your partner in any effort you make for a better future. In today's environment of outsourcing, is the partner that you seek to advise you honestly, if there is a problem in your business and to manage specific areas of the company where appropriate.
And of course we provide relevant solutions, not theoretical texts…
Capital Markets Experts S.A., is adaptable to the customer needs and is flexible to address the particularities of each company in a unique way and this is possible due to the fact that the experts of our company have experienced the real business problems in practice, in international level and not limited to theoretical approaches.

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  • From 2011 to 2013 Slovenian companies will have at their disposal EUR 150 million in loans, which will be qualified as state aid due to very low interest rates.

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